Experienced Professionals

With more than 20 years of Asthma & Immunology experience, Dr. Leipzig and Alleviate have the expertise you are looking for in  allergy and asthma treatment.

Trusted Care

At Alleviate we believe in a patient centered care focused on a personalized medical approach for our patients.

Latest Technologies

Alleviate prides ourselves on bringing the latest technologies and treatments  to our patients in  Southwest Ohio.

Allergy Shots


Call us to schedule a time for your shots and verify our injection hours.

  • Monday:  9:00-11:30AM  – 1:00-4:30PM
  • Tuesday:  8:00*-11:30AM  – 1:00-5:30PM*
  • Wednesday:  8:30-11:30AM  – 1:00-4:30PM
  • Thursday:  9:00-11:30AM  – 1:00-4:30PM
  • Friday:  9:00-11:30AM  – 1:00-4:30PM 

*Early and late Tuesday by appointment only



Check back here for any changes to our schedule.

Allergy Alerts

Is your nose stuffy or are you wheezing?  It may be a pollen or mold allergy.

Check HERE to see what our area’s Pollen & Mold Forecast looks like.


If you want more information on this region’s air quality and other resources check out the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency’s site.